In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Terrain Building: Finishing the Rock Formations (and a 40k Sharpe)

I carved up a few more rock formations and set to work painting them. For those just joining this adventure, here are my previous posts on my foam carving and terrain building (post 1, post 2 and post 3).

I'll let the picture tell the story.

A few people were asking about the painting. I am just using a mixture of cheap craft paint.
For some areas of the rocks I have added a bit more yellow and others areas bit more red to get a variation of rock colouring.
I glued bits of rock, gravel and dirt on to the flat areas and round the bases.
I broke bits of my slate up with pliers to get the sized rocks that I was after.
And here they are all dry sitting on my gaming mat. 

A few gum trees...

Now with my palm trees too...

My big baobab trees seem to fit in okey. 

At this point I was dying to play a small skirmish with my new rock terrain, so my good mate Muppet is heading over for a game later in the week. Rather than I full battle I wanted a little narrative based 'kill team' style scrap. I was thinking something like an episode of Sharpe. At that moment I thought "I should convert up a Sharpe model!" and I set to cutting up a metal commissar. 
Head, left hand and right arm all gone.
Head from Victoria Miniatures, shotgun from Necromunda, left arm was the original.
I considered giving him a rifle, then a pistol, but finally I thought a shot gun suited his character well enough. It reminds me of a twin barrelled flintlock pistol and has the feel of the 'Nock Gun' that Sharpe used occupationally. 
twin barrelled flintlock pistol
Nock Volley Gun
An intimidating weapon
Here he is all ready for painting. 

 So there you have it! Pop back later in the week for the report on 'Sharpe's Duty'. Will young Sharpe survive his first assignment? We'll all have to wait and see.

Tallyho lads. 


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see Sharpe finished.

    1. Cheers Commissar! Sharpe is pretty much done now (new post up).

  2. That table is a stirring sight mate. All that hard work has really paid off.

    Sharp the Commissar is a good image so far!

    1. Thanks Dai. I am really happy with it. I have learnt a lot and each foam carving is better than the last. I really love terrain so it nice to have some decent stuff to play on.

  3. Those rocky outcrops are amazing. Hands down some of the best scenery I have seen! I'd love to play on that board, it looks fantastic! Really very well done!

    1. Thanks heaps mate. You know that if you ever venture over to Oz I’ll have a table for you all ready to go!

  4. Amazing board ! I could poke a little fun and claim that you've inspired me to build a North Oxfordshire themed board but meh, it's not true...

    Just how far away are you from seeing terrain like that through your windshield ?

    Oh, love the Sharpe and hope you've kept that commissar head. If you don't have another use for it, I do....

    Zzzzzz (at work, Sssshhh)

    1. A North Oxfordshire themed board Zzzzzz? Isn’t that every ‘green meadow board’ ever used in WH fantasy? Lol.
      Red dirt and big rocks would be less than a day’s drive away. Beautiful places to visit but hard places to live. The actual slate that I use on my models comes from my parent’s property which is only 45 min away.
      I didn’t save the commissars head. I always find it hard to get a clean cut to save the head without damaging the coat top/neck. I didn’t try to save it this time. It is so easy to get new heads these days anyway. Next time if I save one I shoot it your way. I’ll even write on the packet that it is a severed head!

    2. Severed head huh ? Kool. Just make sure there's a ketchup thumb print on it (so interpol can track you down !)

      West Oxfordshire is like a kids drawing of a green and pleasant land, with chocolate box English villages. North Oxfordshire is mostly clone town. Hence the Cities of Deaf board...

      I must get on with my basilica.

  5. Yeah, as others have already said, that terrain is awesome! Really amazing :)

    1. Cheers mate. It has been great sharing this project with other bloggers and gamers.

  6. It really is amazing terrain mate. I've gushed enough to you about it on various channels. It was a real blast to play across today and my Orks are itching for the rematch to reclaim their Warboss (spoilers).

    1. Thanks again Liam. It is awesome to have someone to play with that has the same mindset towards the game. Your Orks better hurry by the way. I hear the ratlings are planning an Ork stew for “Colonel Acklands Officers Dinner”. There may not be that much of the Warboss left to reclaim!