In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Monday, 16 April 2012

I returned to the model desk! and 'How a haircut = more cavalry'?

Wow, people in the blogging world have been busy –weddings, moving houses, new jobs etc etc LIFE!  But who would have thought that wargamers would have lives!? Aren’t they all nerdy single men that live in the attics of their parents houses? Apparently not, apparently there are girls, jobs, houses, kids, holidays, mates, and lots of cool accessories and distractions that the modern nerd needs in his life.

Yeah, I feel it. I haven’t been at my modelling desk since -ummm- the end of November -Ouch! This has been in an attempt to finish my PhD thesis. I had planned to get it out by February but that flew by, then I thought end of March. Well it’s now mid-April and there is still a lot more to do. The issue is I keep underestimating how much work goes into an 80,000 word thesis.

Anyho, on the weekend I through my hands (and papers) into the air and sat down at my modelling desk – just for a bit. Oooh hello cavalry.

I stared converting up the next batch of rough riders only to find I don’t have enough horses. Hmm.  (I know it looks like there are lots of horses there, but there aren’t, there really really isn’t enough)

What Heidi referred to as the special Olympic equestrian team in reference the lack of arms on the riders. 
Originally (back in August/ September) I was going to do 30. But then I saw the Death Rider FW apocalypse formation, which is 4 troops of riders and a command squad of 5. Sure I could make it from 25 guys (4x5 troops + 1x5 command) but surly units of 10 are way cooler. So that is 45 riders (4x10 +5). I toyed with the idea for a bit until I won ten more rider conversion kits from Col. Gravis in the Cavember contest – so that was the decider- and I perched 5 more. I’m going to paint half with blue coats (like my 5 finished ones) and call them the ‘Blues and Imperials Dragoon Guard’. The other half I’m going to paint with red jackets and call them the ‘Life Guard Dragoons’. Together they will be my Praetorian Household Cavalry, under the command of Col Ackland. 

I got my hands on extra bike boxes, las pistols, chain swords etc etc. but… I didn’t get more horses. How did I forget the horses?!

The problem here is more recently I proclaimed to my wife (Heidi) that I wouldn’t get more models until I finished my PhD (PhD income is low and with all that needed to be done it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Of course I could just work on this lot (and finish my PhD) THEN get 15 more horses.  But I’m a stroppy 5yo and I want it now! Knowing the work that each one needs I’d much rather do it in one large batch.

But then, praise the lord - a wild card came up!

Heidi “needs” to get her hair done. “All good” I say, then I add “how much are we talking?”. To which she says “ohh $200 or so”. Hmmm here is my opportunity to request supplies!! Of course it’s all a matter of timing so I’ll let you know how it goes.
Heidi's proposed transformation from Cousin to Klum


  1. Lookign forward to seeing all of these finished, that is going to be quite something special as an apocalypse formation!

  2. Thanks Col. Winterborne, it will be fun to play with - if I ever get them finished!