In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

7th Razor-Winged Hussar, Prutenian Iron Horse

Revitalising my hobby: Part 2, A New Army
For my upcoming campaign I wanted to build an army that I had been thinking about for a while. I first played around with these guys back in October last year but didn't get too far. Well this month I got the first lot built and even finished one tank!

"The 7th Razor-Winged Hussar of the Prutenian Iron Horse"
For those wondering, "Prutenia" is a Latinisation of "Prussia" which is where I'm taking most of my references, along with the whole Central/Eastern European region of the 18th century. The winged feel is borrowed from the Polish Winded Hussars. The regiment will be made up of transported veteran units with light tank and sentinel support. No infantry platoons (including no heavy weapons squads or special weapons squads), and no Leman Russ tanks.

The fluff for the army is slowly taking form. I hope I can post some of it up soon.
I see the Prutenian system as being close to the Praetorian system with the two groups sharing a love/hate relationship. I suspect that the Prutenians are sightly galled at the Praetorian's governorship of the sub-sector and so are at time apathetic to the their needs. However, when an external threat is presented the two nations stand sided by side discarding their sibling rivalry.
Another titbit: Prutenian's are broadly referred to under the generic cultural group of Teutons, [in the same way that we call many ethnic groups 'Asians'] . This likely draws its roots from Prutenia's involvement as a key state in the "Holy Teuton Empire" that existed prior to the ratification of the Praetorian sub sector. 

Most of the army's character comes from the head swaps. I'm using Curious Constructs'  Pickelhaube Heads and Life Guard torsos. These are really great conversion bits! If you haven't check out Curious Constructs you really should.

Here is the convey of 'winged' light vehicles all together:

To start off, here are a few shots of the finished Devil Dog (which can be easily swapped to a Hell Hound or Bane Wolf).


Second cab of the rank is my converted Medusa (with an enclosed crew compartment). I wanted it to look more like a light tank so I was thinking a turret was the way to go. I will only be using bastion breacher shells in this chap making it a very light and quick anti-armour tank. The turret is a Forge World Conqueror but I think it looks the part as a slightly small Medusa cannon. (It still needs some more Green stuff to fill in the gaps and the wings are only blue tacked on for the photo)
Also I must do a shout-out to the 'Trash Kicking Crew' at the 22nd Vostroyan Royal Rifle Regiment, who did a really cool 'XM3v1 Lemon Russ' inspired by the Lee or Grant tanks of WW2, and secondly to the various Ragnarok conversions out there, who all helped inspire this Russ hull on chimera side tracks conversion. For me I guess I was leaning more on a KV1 feel of tank.


Next up are two Chimeras. One of them is sporting a larger crew compartment to host a squad of Ogryns.

I'm going to greenstuff the firing ports closed because I cant see Ogryns using them at that hight. 

The multi laser is off a metal sentinel. 

How awesome are those Curious Construct torsos and heads!


Here are 6 of the walkers. I have another 6 on the work bench to fit with multi lasers and then a further 6 that I'm not sure what to do with. Apocalypse formation?

The bases were resin but I can't remember where they came from. 
I had to add a lot of my own plaster rubble to get the feet to fit nicely on the bases.

Two Manticores for some mobile rocket artillery support:

I magnetised the rockets so I can remove them during the game..... and make massive "Whoossh.... BOOM" noises for full effect. I have also magnetised all of the hull mounted guns on these tanks so I can swap them between games.

I have one squad of Prutenians built. They are a veteran squad with 3 plasma guns (which I converted by cutting off the las guns). During the campaign with my gaming buddy I will see if he will let me use the heavy weapon as a multi laser. If so, then all of the 'gattling guns' will be multi lasers on the chimeras, sentinels and squad heavy weapons.

Test models for the colour scheme. 

These guys are accompanied by a unit of six Ogryns.

I have started sculpting pickelhaubes on two of them to tie them in with the rest of the army. Still a WIP but the rough shape is beginning to look right. I have no idea whether I can pull off the eagle on the front but I will give it a go!

All of these bases were build with bits of broken plaster and details like bits of walls and plastic tubing as pipes.

Of course I need some leaders for my army...
Commissar-General Wilhelm Marwood
Primaris Battle-Psykers Lawrenz Valentin Leonardu Marjanu Azzopardi
 Freck what a mouth full!

Commissar-General Marwood is one of the old Yarrick models which has had his power claw remodelled into a big fist. The dog with the pickelhaube is from the Raging Heroes Kurganovas Limited Edition box set.

Lastly, while I have my camera out and a blog post open, I have been playing with a squad of Victoria Miniatures'  Van Diemen's Worl Devils.
Fittingly, these arrived on the Friday before the Australia Day public holiday last month. I must say "OMG these are amazing". They really deserve a post on their own but here is a WIP shot in the mean time.


I'd really like to get a very brief narrative down before the campaign starts- just a short bit to set the scene. So look out for that later in the week. If not, wish me luck for the first game of the campaign on the 25th  :)

And with that I'm starting to feel like my hobby is revitalised. Can't wait for the gaming to start!

I wonder how long the Prutenians can hold out before calling in Praetorian reinforcements?


  1. Nice. Especially good to see a light armour based force.

    1. Thanks Zzzzzz. It will certainly present a few new challenges on the battlefield - but that's all part of the fun of using a new army.

  2. Brilliant stuff, mate! Really looking forward to seeing all these come together, love the theme!

    1. Cheers M, It's nice working on something a bit different. After seeing Buffer's conversion I am considering redoing mine... or maybe just make some more!