In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Curious Constructs - The Man Behind It All

This one is just a heads up.

Check out an interview with Rob Angell, the creator of Curious Constructs, on Cheerful Meerkat’s Wargmaing site.

If you love Rob’s stuff, it is well worth the read.

Not familiar with Curious Constructs? Check it out here

That is all,

Col Ackland.


  1. Col. Ackland's first name is Bob?

    Bob Ackland.... Okay. I can deal with that. Bob.

    1. LOL. Ok Dai, I'm entertained by this, but why do you think Col. Ackland's first name is Bob?

    2. Are you getting 'Col. Ackland' confused with 'Col. Gravis', and 'Rob' confused with 'Bob'?

  2. Poor Dai, that's what happens when you speed read blogs.

    But OMG ! Col Gravis is just a kid (14 in 1998 !)

    1. Bahahahaha! No Mr Zzzzzz you're just old :P
      I can say that because I'm 30 this year and so was 15 in 98.

      Generation gaps are just the nature of the hobby really. It is cool that this game keeps pulling in new players, even if the veterans get grumpy at rule changes and price hikes.
      A few years back I was at my local GW (back when we had a local GW) and I had a friendly game with a young fella. "Your Guard look funny" he said. "Yeah they were originally released in 1997" I explained. The young guy looked at me oddly and then laughed "I was born in 97" he said. There was a pause followed by "Aren't you too old for this"....

  3. To clear up the name thing:

    Col. Gravis is Rob's pseudonym
    Col. Ackland is Ray's pseudonym (me)

    Both 'Gravis' and 'Ackland' were/are characters in Rob's army.

    I had always followed Rob's blog and it was a big inspiration for me. Many years later when I started my own blog I asked Rob if I could use the alias 'Col. Ackland' as a hat tip toward his blog.

    In Rob's fluff his 'Ackland' has the full name of 'Benjamin Macharius Nolan Ackland' and is a direct descendant of Brigadier-General Ackland who served under Lord Commander Solar Macharius.

    My Ackland is a relative (probably cousin or second cousin) who until now hadn't been given a full name.

    Well I have now decided that my Ackland will be 'Robertus Macharius Alexander Ackland' - Commonly known as Bertie or Bob
    or as Dai would put it...
    "Col. Ackland's first name is Bob?
    Bob Ackland.... Okay. I can deal with that. Bob"
    Thanks Dai.

  4. hi where did you buy the modelsand if you custom-build them which model did you use because I'm interested in building some