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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

For Sale: Praetorian Guard Limited Edition Box Set

A good fellow here in Oz by the name of Michael has a mate with a shed full of very old miniatures. I have brought things from him before and he is very reliable. Currently he is parting with a full Praetorian Guard Limited Edition Box set.

I don't have what I think it is worth and I think he could get more then what he has been offered. So I have asked him to hold off on accepting an offer for a day or two so I can opening it up to you, my fellow Praetorian Commanders!

It comes complete with:
Praetorian Captain
Praetorian Standard Bearer,
Praetorian Bugler
3 Praetorian Special Weapon Guardsmen,
2 Praetorian Sergeants
5 Praetorian Heavy Weapons Teams
13 Praetorian Guardsmen
The Praetorian booklet
The Praetorian decal sheet
2 limited edition Praetorian casualty miniatures.

The box isn't sealed but all the miniatures are still in their blister packs. 
The box is slightly bent but otherwise in good nick.
As he said "The box has a tiny tear maybe 1 cm on the bottom right corner of sleeve. Decal sheet has yellowed on one edge.  Otherwise all in blister as new. I personally checked they were all there"

We are in Australia but Michael only charges actual postage cost. I'm sure he could get you a postage quote as well.
Make him an offer quick!!!

Send Michael a face book message or email me (my address is on my blogger profile).


  1. I've seen one of these go for well over a £100 on eBay, which is kind of ridiculous really when I've seen bundles of the same number of unboxed models go for a lot less. Personally I always wanted the set and couldn't afford it as a kid, now I have all of these models many times over it seems kind of ridiculous but I'd happily pay the going rate plus shipping just to get that box set feeling I missed out on all those years ago, but I doubt I could stomach the cost your thinking.

  2. I wish him well.

    And I'm jealous - very jealous.

  3. £100 on ebay is actually cheap... when you realise it was £99 in 1999... So with inflation alone it'd be way more.

    But now they go for a more reasonable price from RRP, some £399