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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reinforcements Approved: its now 3500p list.

My nemesis sent me a message; "I checked the points for my list and it came to 3500p, oops" to which I replied "don't worry I'll add a few more men..."

So, what does my list need?

At first I was going to add my 3rd Executioner tank (with lascannon and 2 multi meltas). The thing is though that I will be going up against lots of drop pods and jump pack troops. More expensive fire power (255p) isn't what I need, I need more men and some way to get the jump on these fast hitters. How about this:

Special weapons squad with a demo charge
Special weapons squad with a demo charge 

They come in at 55p each and at Strength 8 AP2 they should be a nasty surprise for any drop pod squad that come in too close.

Three more rifle squads will bring the total to 10 infantry squads -much nicer.

Rifle Squad - Autocannon, Meltagun
Rifle Squad - Flamer
Rifle Squad - Heavy Bolter, Grenade Launcher. 

Next, I was thinking about some cheep light amour. Something that I can put in his way so he shoots at it instead of my expensive tanks. Nothing is cheaper then sententials and armed with lascannons he can't afford not to deal with them. These will be fielded as singles, nice cheep 50p harassing units.

Sentential armed with lascannon
Sentential armed with lascannon

That also fills up my last 2 FA choices.

That left around 50p to spare. Looking at my list I wasn't convinces that the Master of Ordnance would really be all that useful in this game so I cut him (giving me 80p spare), and finally added a penal squad. I have never used them before but looking at other peoples lists they may be useful. I have some models for them, so Ill given them a go.

Imperial Indigenous Rifles-
Troop of 10 militia

Disagree? Think I should have added something else? Let me know what you think. 

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  1. I think the Penal legion is a fantastic if often overlooked option.

    make sure you remember to roll for their ability before deployment and pick your targets.