In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"suddenly one of the models turned to look at me" HELP I'm losing my mind!!

I started painting these a fortnightly ago.
Just as I was getting into the painting, suddenly one of the men turned to look at me. Well I know that's impossible but....

The crazy thing is where did this guy come from!!
As you know I have lots of Praetorians. I know all the moulded poses. This isn't one! I thought that it must be a miscast. But how can there be miscast detail on the face which isn't normally there!!!

So, has anyone got a chap in this pose?
or has anyone had a model move and look at them while they were painting?


  1. With hi primer on, I can't be sure it's not either a recast or a conversion, but his helmet does look a bit deformed.

    That being said, he is a bit creepy.

    I recommend a bit of sleep.

  2. I primed them all the day before I started and they were all bare metal before that. If he had been a conversion I would have noticed for sure. It must be another pose that by chance I have never seen before. Still, 1 in 500 mini's is huge odds. Maybe they broke this mould early?
    very creepy.

  3. Call it a subtle message from the GOd Emperor that your work rate is sadly lacking. :D

  4. If you look at the original box photo for the platoon set or the White Dwarf Glazer's Creek battle report, the kneeling and standing firing models have the heads separated from the lasgun (possibly as part of the amendment of the mould from Mordian original). I think this is how the original ones were created for the Big Toof River display. Once the decision was made to release them as a range, I assume they refined the model. You have one of the "originals"....or I could be talking hoop!

  5. Ady, you legend! Yep, I think that's it. I also got an email from Col Gravis about one of my shipments from Curious Constructs and Gravis added:
    "They didn't enter general production as part of the Praetorian release as far as I can tell, instead we got the more common aiming version, though I have come across a handful in the time I've been collecting (though never owned one)."

    so thanks everyone, I can now sleep soundly at night again :)