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Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Macharian Thunder Guard

The Macharian Thunder Guard
A cavalry division that was established in 400.M41during the Macharian Heresy. After Imperial order was regained on Macharia, many of the veteran ex-crusade regiments that maintained their loyalty to the Imperium were hastily formed up into battle groups to bolster the segmentum’s Imperial Guard. As was typical of cavalry divisions, they were issued a name instead of a number, taking their name from their planet of origin and the nickname of their senior regiment - the 12th Praetorian Hussar - ‘The Thunder Guard’. The 12th Hussar themselves had received the nickname in reference to the breed of their mounts- ‘Storm Greys’.

The Thunder Guard’s Rise and Fall
The division’s cavalry were deployed fighting at battalion strength throughout the segmentum. Being made up entirely of battle tested veterans and deploying in such great numbers, the Macharian Thunder Guard quickly earned a long victory list and many battle honours. However, as the division was not listed as a tithe of Macharia, no reinforcement regiments were raised. After sustaining large losses, the Departmento Munitorum ordered the division to be disbanded in 407.M41

The Thunder Guard’s Revival
On hearing that the Macharian Thunder Guard was to be disbanded one High Lord of Praetoria lobbied against the decision, but was unsuccessful in his endeavour. A number of cavalry strong planets throughout the galaxy knew of the Thunder Guards honours. They volunteered regiments beyond there tithes to join the division in order to keep the Thunder Guard’s banner in the field. Again, the orders from Terra were unchanged. At this point the Officio Tactica became involved. Several newly promoted Officio Tactica staff had directed the Thunder Guard at sector command level and had witnessed the value of massed veteran cavalry. They proposed a novel strategy to keep the division alive. Veteran understrength cavalry regiments would be transferred to the division allowing for the rebuilding of their brigades. Additionally, senior cavalry command staff and the overseeing of the division would be sourced from Praetoria. Finally, backed by a strong strategic argument and a workable logistical structure, the Departmento Munitorum reversed the disbanding order and approved the Officio Tactica’s proposal. Since then, the Macharian Thunder Guard has continuously maintained three brigades of veteran cavalry for the last half millennia.

The Thunder Guard’s Current Status
Current status reports have the Macharian Thunder Guard cavalry division embarked with a Praetorian battle group on the Grand Cruiser Praetoriae Vindictam in Segmentum Tempestus.  Current strength – 225 officers; 4,572 other ranks; 4,733 able mounts. Ammunition and supplies are rated sufficient.

A recent communication from Praetoriae Vindictam: Major General Chauvel, Commanding Officer Macharian Thunder Guard, on the low channel sub system vox- “The Thunder Guard veterans are itching for their next fight. Promotions, citations and medal nominations have been dispatched to the Departmento Munitorum for review and approval. In the interim, an enthusiastic colonel by the name of Ackland has been appointed command of the 3rd Brigade.  I hope this keeps him out of my hair for at least the next few weeks…”


  1. Wow, where to start!

    First off, I really like the way they were founded. A lot of the sort of half-baked fluff there is out there just starts off by saying 'oh, and these guys are super hard'. The idea of using ex-crusaders is really cool, and is something you don't read about in the 'approved' Imperial history - what happened to all the soldiers after the crusade? Same goes for the whole revival, it's not something you expect in fluff, for a really veteran regiment just to be disbanded. And my favourite bit is the way they don't get any reinforcements, mainly because of a bureaucratic oversight! Love it!

  2. Just to echo what Scipio said this is superb - as I already said in reply to your comment on my blog. It's definitely different from the norm and the bureaucracy is suitably "grimdark." I say in the future there is not only war, but instead just a ton of red tape :D Keep up the impressive work, this is excellent fluff to go with excellent miniatures

  3. Thanks, you guys are really too kind!

  4. :) incidently the Macharian Crusade is part of my Chapter's fluff, it's not as integral to my background as it is yours of course, but is considered a key engagement. I'd love to at least make a passing reference to your chaps in my write up somewhere if you don't object?

  5. yes go for it! That sounds awesome.

    Funnily enough, when I first heard that William King was writing a Macharian Crusade navel I asked him if he could slot the name Thunder Guard in somewhere. He said he didn't want to be swamped by similar requests but he'd "ask the High Lords though". I think there is roughly a 0.1 to 0.5% chance that by the third book he might be stretched for names and through it in, LOL.

  6. Awesome, I think "fluff exchanges" can be great, just like model exchanges. I'll get writing ASAP.

    That's brilliant, I didn't even know about William King doing that! As I said in my reply on my blog (to your comment I accidentally deleted :/) anything which throws in the post-Alexander the Great Diodachian civil wars as part of the mix is great lol. That's definitely one thing I'd love to see BL do, as well as the Age of Apostasy. Fingers crossed you get a mention, that would be fantastic. Is there an estimated release date yet?