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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Ruins of Medusa V: The Action at Scourged Hill

Several weeks after the skirmish that became known as the engagement of “Vanquish Vally” a mixed patrol force were scouting an area nearby.

The patrol force comprised of:

A (cheap) command squad from the 40th Line Reg;

A (30 man blob) platoon of the 40th Line Reg, supported by two veteran squads of the 1st Expeditionary Reg. of foot;

A Lascanon battery of the 122nd Reg. of Artillery;

Armoured support in the form of a Demolisher and Hydra from the 10th Armoured Reg;

Air cover by a Vendetta with a small Navy team embarked,

And finally, cavalry support of a 10 man cavalry troop led by Col. Ackland from the Thunder Guard Cav. Div.

[This time normal Guard codex rules were used and Ackland was a count as Mogul Kamir]

The force initially deployed on a large hill and began to advance down the northern side - out onto the drift, when a demonic assault began.
To their left materialised Ku’gath the Plaguefather in all his filth, while to the right appeared a large unit of Plague Bearers and Beasts of Nurgle to their front.
Is it just me?’ wondered Col Ackland.  ‘Well if the Plaguefather wants me he’ll have to pry my lance from his filthy chest first!”

What followed was a long and bloody battle with a few critical points:-

After the Lascannon battery and the Vendetta had attempted to soften up the Plague Father, Ackland and his cavalry charged it. They wounded it many times but still the daemon stood it’s ground eventually knocking all the riders from their horses. This gave one of the veteran squads time to advance and add one more wound with a meltagun to take it down.

Lieutenant Caine’s command squad pulverised large Plague Bearer units as they materialised everywhere with quad grenade blast salvos.  However, it wasn’t enough to stop one unit from shambling into combat with them. With Caine’s staff impaled on rusty blades he turned and ran from the field within sight of a commissar- a risky move.
Lieutenant Caine might actually survive long enough for me to finish painting him!!
The blob platoon held an objective the whole battle fighting off six Beasts of Nurgle, a Daemon Prince, as well as numerous Plague Bearers.  Eventually however, as Epidemius’ Tally of Pestilence grew they were completely outmatched and so attempted to run. Their diligent Commissar executed one of the sergeants but the squad (still at two thirds full strength) downed him easily and fled to join their Lieutenant.  Lieutenant Caine had been saved from a post battle summary execution.

The Navy landing party of 6 sailors dropped from the vendetta to claim an objective, while the Demolisher and Vendetta attempted to kill Epidemius and the Hydra moved on the last  Plague Bearer unit (not that it could do much). However with the command squad, lascannons, blob platoon, veterans and cavalry all out of the battle it was game over for the intrepid Imperial Guard.

      I was soundly beaten by my usual opponent. In honesty I was very pleased for him. Too many times my Guard completely rout his army and that isn’t always fun. His list was one of my ‘terror’ lists apart from a few changes and the minis were almost all mine too. So in a way it was like playing against myself, well myself in a competitive ‘destroy everything’ mood. It was a true taste of my own medicine, but the most enjoyable game I have had in ages! Now I’m really looking forward to our next battle!


  1. Wow, that sounded like it should have had pictures to fully illustrate the failure of Lt. Caine and the death of the Commissar to boot!

    But at least it was a loss versus a Nurgle force, so you lost in style! ;)

    1. Definitely in style! I really wish I had brought my camera to that battle! At least by the next one the patrol force will be fully painted!

  2. Look on the bright side.

    If you won the Grey Knights would probably shoot you anyway for having faced Chaos Daemons and survived.

    1. LOL.Is that why Gray Knights keep trying to fighting my Guard!

      I'll get another crack at the Nurgle Daemons I'm sure, and next time the Grey Knights will want to know why I won so easy!!