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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Ruins of Medusa V: The Incursion at Camp Exceller

The shortest game of 40k I have ever played, all over by turn 2!

+++++++++++++++For The Inquisition Eyes Only+++++++++++++++
The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition 

Inquisitor Virgil Sasppenny: Interrogation transcript of Corporal Neill, Imperial Guard soldier present at Demonic incursion Medusa V 2 748 856.M41.

Neill, John, 669, Corporal. 40th Praetorian Line Regiment. Labourer. Born Tullowdon. Enlisted Carlowdon 12 November 40,833 (3 866 833.M41) aged 19 years.

Early record currently inaccessible. Reduced from Sergeant to Private 2 099 846.M41. Corporal 4 989 849.M41. Court Martial 4 000 850.M41 for drunkenness and to Private. Corporal 3 973 853.M41.
Served East Indianna 74 months and Eureka 23 months before arriving Medusa V 3 666 856.M41
70.5 inches tall, dark brown hair, grey eyes and fresh complexion, showing signs of age.
psychic grade: Nil.

-Inquisitor Sasppenny greeted the subject and asked the standardised relaxation questions to easy the subject into the appropriate cognitive malleable state-

-Inquisitor Virgil Sasppenny
-Corporal Neill

Corporal Neill, tell me about 748 856.M41.

The incursion at Camp Exceller Sah?  I thought that was why I was ere...

Who was present?

There was us, two squads of Dragoons from the 105th and two Las batteries from the... errr, 122nd Sah.

By 'us' you are referring to the 40th Line regiment?

Yes Sah, two thirty man platoons. But Sah, surly you know all this from the...

I will ask the questions Corporal Neill. What officers from the 40th were present and what position did they hold?

Umm, well Lieutenant Caine was in command of our platoon and Lieutenant Brodhurst was leading the other, then Captain Thomas was in charge of the company, Sah.

Who else?

Arr Commissar Bell was with us and Commissar Lesley was with Brodhurst's platoon, and some midshipman of the fleet was also with the captain Sah.

Hmm, from the report filed by Captain Thomas it would seem that the force defending Exceller Camp was ready when the incursion commenced. How was that possible given that you were assaulted by warp beings?

It was Caine Sah, he alerted the captain of the possible attack... said he felt the hairs on is neck stand up and the taste of copper in is mouth Sah,

And you know this how?

I was the runner who delivered the message to the captain Sah.

Hmm. So it wasn't you who had the premonition of the attack?

No Sah, as I said...

How did the attack commence?

Two groups of pink daemons with long gangly arms materialised in front of Lieutenant Brodhurst's platoon and a massive bird like daemon with wings holding a staff appeared to our forward right, behind a small ruin Sah. As soon as the pink things arrived they... (pause) projected bright umm iridescent arrr majik at Brodhurst's platoon and the forward half of the men erupted in flame. We could see it from where we were...

Corporal Neill, these pink daemons were all banished. How?

Umm well I eard Brodhurst order ranked fired into em with his platoon, Brodhurst's command squad popped grenades on em and one of the Las batteries fired on em. I couldn't see what appened but.. Yeah they were all killed Sah.

And this 'bird daemon' what did it do? What fate came of it?

It moved in behind the ruin... I think it was hiding Sah? We all were laying into it with everything we ad... like Brodhurst, Caine orderd us to fire in ranks as well as hitting it with grenades, our Las battery laid into it directed by the Captin, and I guess we ad the Air Cav covering us because a Vendetta staffed it also Sah.

And you, Corporal Neill, what part did you play?

Well the bird daemon was on our forward flank as I said, and when Caine ordered us to fire only several of us ad range to it Sah.


So I raised my lasy, arr lasgun Sah,  whispered a prayer to the Emperor and fired.

Did your las bolt strike the daemon, Corporal Neill?

umm... I don’t know Sah.

I have already spoken to Commissar Bell, need I remind you the punishment for deceiving the Inquisition?

Yes Sah, my bolt hit the daemon.


Well it hit it just under it's wing and it, well, squawked, then vanished in blue flames Sah.

Corporal Neill, are you telling me you fired your standard pattern lasgun at a distance equal to maximum standard range, through a ruin, hitting a Greater Daemon in a location of weakness thus sending it back to the warp?


Corporal Neill?

The las battery and Vendetta also...

Corporal Neill?

...yes Sah. I hit it as you said.

and that was the end of the assault?

Yes Sah. No more daemons after the big one left Sah.

You are dismissed Corporal Neill, we will talk again later at my convenience. It would be inadvisable to discuss this matter with anyone.

Inquisitor Sasppenny further remarks:

The daemon is identified to be Kairos aka Fateweaver, Oricle of Tzeentch, with 86.4% certainty.

It's infallible presence has been known to influence the course of battles; Fateweaver and its bodyguards know exactly how to move, how to strike in order to kill all foes before a gun is fired or blade is drawn. My experiences with Grey Knights have shown that in few rare occasion a demonic assault can be halted by destroying their connection with the immaterium. However, it is inconceivable that a Tzeenetch assault was thwarted as the vanguard landed, by a handful of guardsmen and one 'lucky shot'. Holy intervention is not ruled out, however Corporal Neill will undergo testing before being hailed a hero.

+++++++++++++++ Investigation Ongoing +++++++++++++++


  1. Hah! Nice little story - I like it!

    Of course, depending on the Inquisitor it's also likely that poor Corporal Neill and the rest of the soldiers involved could all end up mind-wiped and/or executed for the simple matter of witnessing a daemonic incursion, lucky shot or not... :)

  2. Exposure to the Warp should resort in summary execution for fear of it's taint spreading through the ranks and full honours awarded to the recipient.

    (Love it!)

  3. Beautiful work! I love it - very dystopian (my favourite 40K word). Fight and die, or run away and be shot - and IF you manage to beat the daemons and win single-handed, you get executed. Great!

  4. Thanks everyone! It almost could have been a 3 line battle report but this was much more fun. As you said I don't think the outlook is great for Corporal Neill and the 40th...

    My gaming mate and I have lined up one final battle to play on Medusa V. 2000p Guard vs Chaos using the new codex. To make it slightly more epic I have agreed to build 100 zombies for him to use so he might actually outnumber me this time :/
    I get the feeling that the men of the 40th Line wont even survive to make it to their own execution.
    After fighting traitors and zombies, Nurgle Marines, Nurgle daemons, then Tzeenetch daemons, and finally whatever they have to face in the next battle, they are SO going to get executed! None of them will be leaving the ruins of Medusa V.

  5. and I promise to bring my camera to the battle next time!!!