In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Some Finished Men!! (and some WIP)

A few weeks ago I finally finished off some of my red coats and a few Lascannons. The hardest part was commandeering the camera to get some shots of them...

1st  Platoon, E Rifle Company (Endeavour),
2nd Battlaion, 40th Praetorian Line Regiment "Excellers"
of the 5th Brigade (combined arms), Praetorian Guard.

 Platoon Command Squad 
Officers will change as they get killed off so these photos are without a Lieutenant 

 Platoon Special Weapon Squad

1st Rifle Squad 

2nd Rifle Squad 

 3rd Rifle Squad 

'A' Lascannon Battery, Field Cannon Company,
 122nd Praetorian Regiment of Artillery, 
of the 5th Brigade (combined arms), Praetorian Guard.
My Artillery regiment were originally going to get blue tunics and pants trimmed in red (as I discussed here). When I actually got to painting them I decided that both my tanks and artillery were going to be tan coloured, in the style of the late 19th century British.  I think they contrast with the bright red and blue Line Regiment troopers well.
Now I finally can start putting up some pictures in my regiment pages (on the top of my blog 40th Praetorian Line Regiment "Excellers" &  122nd Praetorian Regiment of Artillery)

Some WIP Men
Next up, the 2nd rifle platoon has been striped and undecorated, ready to be painted.
The first two veteran squads of the 105th Praetorian Dragoons have also been started.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have been building some more zombies. Once these are finished I'll have 500p worth (125 zombies)
That's it for now, cheers all!


  1. Wow, super impressive work, that Platoon looks absolutely fantastic! I love the bases, can I ask how you got such a really nice earth like effect?

    1. Thanks!! The earth is actually a bit of a cheat - I just use dirt and rocks.
      To be more useful, I do try to copy the real environment. Where my parents live, there is sparse open barren ground (stony deserts), and the grasses grow in big clumps so I have copied that. Also all the rock is actual slate that I have broken up to the rough scale that it looks in the real environment.
      I'm glad that you said that it looks realistic because sometimes Im not sure if people get the stony desert/rocky range look that I was aiming for.
      It should be said that I can't do green grassy bases- I can't get it to look right because Im not surrounded about that naturally.
      So yeah look at nature and copy the details like where does the grass grow- in my case it frequently grows next to and from under the rocks so I do that. Lastly, I keep a jar in my car so i can scup up some dirt when I'm travelling about which i find really handy.

    2. Haha, fantastic, i never would have guessed it was just dirt! No it looks really good, its a really nice base especially in large numbers.

  2. That's the artillery, always at the cutting edge of military technology ;)

  3. Good gawds sir, that is a lot of painted minis! Well done indeed. The pictures really give life to the units.

    Always love an extra long praetorian update. :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by guys and checking it all out :)