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Friday, 23 November 2012

A message from The Lord Governor of Praetoria - New command is imminent

He placed the Dataslate on his desk and blankly looked off into the distance. His dead eyes were dry and scratchy from the lack of sleep. He imagined that any other man might sob given the tempest of feelings he had inside, but no - Margrave Chretzo Sigenandus had not been brought up to cry. Men of his breeding never cried, they were bread for action. 

The screen of the data-slate read: 

Personal correspondence from the Office of His Holy Excellency, The Lord Governor of Praetoria, to Margrave Sigenandus of Terra Facticius Praetoria

Margrave Chretzo Sigenandus, Protectorate of Greater Terra Facticius Praetoria and the major hives of Nova Yourk, Hive Arheimar and Hive Oligicus, Count of Royllo, Crockerland and St. Matthews Island, Knight of the Lord Governor’s Victorian Order and Grand Cross of the Order of the Machairodus Kabir, head of the Sigenandus noble family.

My dear friend and confidant Chretzo,
Accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your wife Margravine Bertruda; she truly walks with the Emperor. Please allow my office pay for the repairs to your Excalibur class System-Shuttle. Rest assured that I have personally dispatched members of my office to establish an investigation council to oversee the commissioning of an Arbitrator Detective team to search the sub-sector for these scum. I have the greatest confidence that locating your daughters- Rosamunda, Osgarda, Lavena, Hildberta and Everelda, will be one of their upmost priorities. By the Emperor's mighty grace your daughter’s abductors will answer to Imperial Law.

As for your request, I must commend you to reconsider. As I know you will not, I hereby accept your resignation from office and the abdication of your titles and territorial responsibility. Upon the generous ceding of your estates and relinquishment of the extensive Sigenandus family wealth and trade enterprises to the Adeptus Administratum, via my governorship, the High Lords of Terra grant you a commission into His most glorious Imperial Guard. The official documentation is forthcoming but I wanted to let you know now so if there is any doubt in your mind we can end this ridiculous charade immediately.

Your request for appoint to full General was denied on the grounds that the Hive Guard and planetary forces under your command have not been deployed in full scale war. However, befitting your nobility; you are appointed the rank of Major-General and may honourably maintain your title of Margrave.

You have been entrusted command of the 5th Praetorian Battle Column formed around the core of the 5th Praetorian (combined arms) Brigade and the 3rd Macharian Thunder Guard Cavalry Brigade - with numerous supporting units. Additionally, two companies of super-heavy tanks will be joining the column to add some more punch. It is likely that your first deployment will be to the Corvus Sub-sector where there is talk of a new crusade, being dubbed the ‘Crusade of Fire’.

On a personal note Chretzo, none of this will bring back your family and channelling your hate into war will only lead to death. Once you go down this path there will be no going back.

I understand that Lord Ackland’s lad is leading the 3rd Thunder Guard Cav. If you run into problems with the men I’m sure he will have your back. May the Emperor walk by your shoulder my friend.

- seal of His Holy Excellency, The Lord Governor of Praetoria -

End message."

The model to represent  Major-General Margrave Chretzo Sigenandus is currently sitting on my desk so will be posted up soon. 

The background in the top image was adapted from a picture by Julio, which I stumbled upon hereand became the Nids on-line painter here.


  1. Very nice bit of 'fluff' there! I enjoyed reading this!

  2. I love it: 'I command you to reconsider'! Brilliant! Can't wait to see the model too

  3. Thanks guys. I've have had some delays on the modelling front due to 'life' but the Major-General is still on the way. :)

  4. Beautiful!

    That's the spirit, eh?