In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Andy Hoare Writes For Victoria Lamb

I popped on to facebook this morning and saw that an hour ago Vic posted up some background fluff about her main regiments, written by (ex-GW) Andy Hoare!

Check these out:
Galaxy’s Finest by Andy Hoare.
The write ups are accompanied by some really cool art too.

(The Facebook page is here too)

In Vic's Words:

"Hi, I am pleased to announce the launch of a very special project; 'The Galaxy's Finest'. This is an inspiring collection of background histories, famous battles and regimental origins written by Andy Hoare.

First in the series is the Tannenburg Fusiliers, Victorian Guard, Highlanders and the mysterious Cthood.

It has been a real thrill to see this come together, the combination of text, illustrations and painted miniatures really brings the regiments to life and creates the beginning of an ever expanding and evolving world.
This Cthood by Robin Carey is one of my favourites.

I'll let everyone check it out before I discuss it, suffice to say they are very cool (although, for obvious reasons, the Victorian Guard are not Praetorians sadly).

Also since my post two months back on Victoria Lamb's 'Victoria Miniatures' (as well as Rob Angell's Curious Constructs) Victoria has posted a nice intro about herself on her shop.

So... what do you think of this new fluff? Praetorian Guard gamers have been left in the dark fluff wise for years. Does this make you want to re-brand to 'Victorian Guard'?


  1. Wow, that must have been put up just thi morning or something cos it wasn't there yesterday. Very cool to read the background on those units and makes me want to get soem highlanders moreso. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yeah it was just a coincident that I saw it when I did so I thought I'd point it out. Its funny that a little bit of fluff really add so much to them. I hope Andy writes something on the Van Diemen's World Devils.

  2. I will stick to being Praetorian. Gamers in my area think they are cool. Better than that is the look on new players face when they ask if my models are from GW and I go into the whole history of Praetorians. I give credit to Victoria and she was a big inspiration for completeing my army. I am too dedicated to give up the name though.

    1. LOL, Its not just the 'new players', I once had a GW staff member tell me that I really should only bring GW miniatures into the GW stores... umm Praetorians are GW {head explodes}.

    2. Thanks for the heads up! These are really, REALLY nice models and its great to see some quality fluff again, almost forgot what it looks like after GW gave up years ago.

    3. Totally! And by one of the authors of the 3rd Edition Imperial Guard codex too. ;)

  3. I noticed the banner when I was ordering vast quantities of stuff earlier this evening (GMT), love all the regiments, and the Cthood perfectly balance Cthulhu and the Ood of New Doctor Who. Will have to give these a read!

  4. I have to agree about the Cthood, and that is probably my favourite background section out of the 4 posted. "Vast quantities" sound like we can expect some more cool stuff on your blog. Some Guard to join the Mawdryns?

    1. The "vast quantities" are mostly for my Imperial Navy boarding / landing party...

      There are also some bits for Skitarii (which will form part of my collaborative fluff with Scipio, don't know if you've seen our latest fluff posts yet?). I've also put together some fluff for my own scruffy IG Regiment from the world of Vullis Prime - which can be described in two words: Garbage World

      But work on Mawdryn and Navy stuff is very much the priority at the moment.

  5. I like the fact that it was one of this style of article, that GW did so well, that inspired Victoria to convert the kilted Drookian Fen Guard for Golden Demon. Thhose parts she sculpted became some of the first ones for release in her store (Moss Guard heads and kilted legs).

    Link is below.