In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Cavember Update: My Praetorian Rough Riders WIP

Cavember has been moving on beautifully. Col Gavis has opened up his competition to any rough riders, Victoria Lamb has released her own Cavalry kits and I've seen a few really stunning Praetorian cavalry conversions. An honourable mention has to go to Col Winterborne, Check these out:

Stunning work!

So on to my progress. I have got the basic colour on the horses. I'm going to give them more shading.

The riders are coming along too.

The thing I can't work out now is whether to keep the helmets white. I was going to paint them silver and gold as polished helmets. But I think white may go with my troopers better as my command sqauds have white helmets. 

The slate on the bases is real but also painted to get the colouring. My parents have a property near a slate quarry that has that colour slate. My other Praetorians have bits of slate on their bases but I waned my cavalry charging over a slate ridge, so they have full slate bases. I have had a lot of practice getting the colour right and I'm pretty happy with how these bases have turned out.

Still there is so much more to do- and this is only my first 5. I have 30 to do all up and now Victoria has brought out her kits I'm thinking 50 would be nice in an apocalypse game....

The other thing is I can sense my Necrons moving in their long closed tomb. Its just a matter of time before they take my attention away from the cavalry.
Yep, these chaps are old!

Comments always welcome :)


  1. They look great! It's taken you no time at all to get them painted! The colour a scheme works really well and the horses are superb!
    I like your thinking on 50 of them for an apocalypse game, would be good to throw a few more praetorian armies together an get a proper charge of the light brigade!

  2. Superb work thus far! I have a really hard time painting horses (hence why all my RR's are mechanized on motorbikes), so I am really impressed with how yours are turning out. I'd stay with the white helmets, it really sets off nice against the blue and red of the uniforms.

    With Col.Gravis expanding the scope of the contest I'm going to jump in, I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished units - Keep up the great work!!

  3. Thanks guys,

    @ Col WInterborne, if only there WERE other praetorian armies on this side of the world! Victoria lamb was originally from South Australia so people remember her Praetorians, but apart from that I have never seen any others around. Its OK thought, my army just stands out a bit.

    @ The Mordian 7th, yeah I think I will stay with the white, cheers. :) Good luck jumping in now!

  4. These are absolutely stunning, excellent work!

    Ah, I remember getting that Necron free with White Dwarf :)