In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Praetorian Cavalry Finished!

With Cavember nearly over I finally have my first 5 cavalrymen finished! I was origenally hoping to have many more done, but 5 is a start. In truth just getting anything finished is really good for me.

Cavember has been great. Thank you to everyone that joined in on the cavalry fun. Seeing everyone's work has been truly inspiring. 

So since my last post there were a few final touches to finish them up.

I added chain swords and attached them to the riders belts. For me, chain swords were always going to be a must on these models. I have always had the old image of the Praetorian Hussars from the 3rd ed guard codex in my head. I did a much better job on their black and red stripes then the yellow and black ones on the explosive charge so I'm pretty happy with their overall look.

After attaching the riders to their mounts I finally added the left reins and connected them to the riders left hands.
Next up, the bases got some more detail with 2 wounded guardsmen and lost equipment. After painting them I added some weathering powder to these.
Finally, I added a heap of shading and definition particularly to the horses and the white areas on the riders. 

And that was it. :) On to the next lot!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous - I love how these turned out. Bravo!!

  2. They look great! Nice pictures as well. Thanks for updating!

  3. They look brilliant, great job! I've finally started painting mine, going to be tough to get them done for the 1st!

  4. Strong work sir!

    what set did you get the horses out of?

    I may be inspired to craft my own Praetorian Hussars


  5. Thanks. I used the Marauder horses. Here is the post from when I started the mounts.

  6. I don't want to parrot the rest of the posts ... but great job! I've always wanted to do some Praetorian cavalry after seeing Zulu Dawn, but never thought I could pull them off as well as that. Top work, sir!

    Where did the helmet plumes come from on the Cavalry guys?

  7. Thanks Colonel Scipio, everyone is always happy to get more compliments :)
    The helmet spikes were spear ends (with some liquid greenstuff), and the plumes were simply copper wire (out of a electrical cable). You can see the spikes on the post in November called:
    "Cavember - Fifth and Sixth move- Conversions and Colour"

    -but I don't think I posted any pics of the wire plumes unpainted. Really I wanted to do them in greenstuff but I'm not that talented so just mucked around with the wire. Still it turned out ok.

  8. Colonel Scipio, I have posted some pics of the wire plumes now :)

  9. Wow what a great blog! You and Col Gravis inspire me. Seriously much respect to you. Nice work.

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    1. Hey Viktor,
      You must have missed the banner at the top of the page ;)

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