In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Monday 6 June 2016

Terrain Building: A mixed bag update - Wind Generator, Rock Formations and Sandbag Defences

I really love having lots of things on the go at the same time. It is not great for finishing things but I do get there eventually. I like to keep my hobby as 'me time' so I place no constants on what I work on during an evening or weekend off. I run with enthusiasm rather than a disciplined plan and that keeps me coming back to do more. It does make blogging hard because I tend to wait until I have done enough on something to blog about it instead of blogging about one weekends worth on something that I won't get back to for a few weeks. With that in mind here is a selection of things that I have been playing with recently.

First up, my wind generator from ‘The Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek’ that I first posted on last December has moved forward a bit. Here is shot of where it was when I last posted on it and where it is now .

I painted up the frame and the lean-to shed. The shed is silver with several shades of brown to rust it up.

For fun I parked my Ferrari in the shed. Given its perfect scale if I am not careful it might be 40k'ed up with a futuristic jet engine mounted on its back and some pop-up bolters on the bonnet.

I painted the decking to give it a dark weathered look. 

I also started the top fan rotor section. I want it to be rusty over white paint.

This is just some dry brushing.

Slowly getting there but still quite a bit to go.

On a Sunday outing to the local model/toy shop with my little man we picked up some cars each. I found a cheap truck to much around with.

I wanted to see if I could rust it up a bit. But I went a bit overboard.

It is not finished yet but is a bit of fun. It might end up with the wind generator if it turns out ok.

The hot knife has been busy too. Here are some more of my foam adventures. [If you missed it here is how my first play with the foam knife went]

This time I was attempting to add more flat areas to my rock formations so models can be place on them. This piece was 10mm foam cut into small sections and stacked up. I glued it with PVA and had no trouble cutting through the joins with the hot knife.

The base from two stacked sheets.

Then I carved the base up a bit more.

Three pieces for ease of carving.

And here it is with texturing carved into it.

Should not be too hard to climb in-game. The first platform is only 3" high...

... and I shortened the base so it is only 1 to 2 inches in on two sides.

Lots of positions to take cover in.

First coat of paint. It will need a second to even out the colour on the top and base sections. I'll also add rocks to the base like I have with other rock pillars.

Then I went crazy and added a few more. I'll have eight rock formations in total (not counting the cliff that I started in my last post).

Plenty to fill a board for a close and personal 'Gorkamorka' feel game.

I am slowly getting though it all. It is really good fun to carve.

Not that I am short on terrain, but I am a real sucker for old FW terrain pieces. When I saw a guy in my Buy-Swap-Sell group parting with these FW sandbag defences I threw him an offer. I initially never heard back and thought they had gone but after a few weeks he contacted me and said that the sale had fallen through and I could have them if I was still interested, How could I say no? 

It shouldn't be too much work to repaint the bases to match my terrain.

And that has been my latest terrain progress. I am going to take some holidays in a fortnight, so I might be able to get stuck into these more. Possibly even get a game in to try the rock formations and wind generator out.

Comments are always treasured so feel free to say g'day.

Tally ho gents.


  1. Those rock formations look really cool! You've painted them up brilliantly too. Well done :)

    Might have to attempt to make some myself?


    1. Thanks. Get yourself a good foam cutter and go for it. They are surprisingly easy to make. Cheers for stopping by!

  2. Love that decking on the wind turbine. Don't think you'd posted that before. The crags are also really cool. Going to enjoy moving models across that board.

    1. Yeah, it will be like the old 90’s white dwarf tables. :D

  3. Love this post. That building is the spit of glazers, well done! Also the old school rocks with nice flat layers for models to stand on, brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more of this. The old forgeworld pieces are fantastic too.

    1. Thanks heaps mate. I wanted to capture the ‘feel’ of the glazers windmill but not replicated it exactly. I think it works. I have wanted to carve rocks for so long it is great to finally be getting there!

  4. Yes, you've been very busy indeed. Your foam adventures are very fun to follow and the results are stunning mate.

    The wind generator is coming along fine. I love the eagle head generator on top!

    1. Thanks Dai, it feels like long slow progress at times but it is awesome when I step back see that it is starting to come together.

  5. Cheers, yeah space is always an issue. I am so glad and lucky to have a nice big shed to store everything away.

  6. Awesome work, I was just thinking I needed to re-read Glazer's Creek yesterday...

  7. Did you ever finish this project? I am going to try to recreate the battle using Warlord Games' Rorke's Drift set.

  8. just came across this page. Love the rock formations. Looking for a way to display my polar bear collection and was looking for ways wo make iceburgs/glaciers. Looks awesome.

  9. Can this be water proofed?

  10. Excelente amigo todo en especial las formaciones rocosas me dan una idea para Aser algunas