In case you were wondering, some of the parts to make my groovy Rough Riders were sculpted by Rob at Curious Constructs.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Terrain Building: My Quest for Better Wargaming Trees

From my younger days with Warhammer 40K I remember seeing many battles fought on what looked like wide grassy fields. I appreciate that Napoleonic and earlier real battles might have looked like this but it was not an environment that I saw much of where I was and so I struggled to connect with it.

Thus, a long term goal of mine has been to make terrain that I could connect to - such as environments that I was use to seeing in Australia. I have created all sorts of things over the years but now I am at a point that my hobby skills (and pockets) are at a place that I can probably have a better attempt at it then I ever have before.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Hobby space rework: The reset button has been pushed!

I have not posted here since last year but sometimes it is healthy to step away from things to come back re-invigorated. There has been some sporadic hobby time in there but nothing made it to the blog yet. With this on and off hobby time my desk became a bit of a dumping ground. Eventually it hit the critical level of messiness where it was simply too much effort to sit down and do anything there. Not only was it a cluttered mess but the desktop board 
had bowed badly because I hadn't put a support beam under it when I build it. I always planned to add it but never got around to it. 

Last night after a particularly hard week of work I looked at the sad state of my hobby space and decided it was time for a literal and metaphoric fresh start.