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Friday 15 April 2016

Hobby space rework: The reset button has been pushed!

I have not posted here since last year but sometimes it is healthy to step away from things to come back re-invigorated. There has been some sporadic hobby time in there but nothing made it to the blog yet. With this on and off hobby time my desk became a bit of a dumping ground. Eventually it hit the critical level of messiness where it was simply too much effort to sit down and do anything there. Not only was it a cluttered mess but the desktop board 
had bowed badly because I hadn't put a support beam under it when I build it. I always planned to add it but never got around to it. 

Last night after a particularly hard week of work I looked at the sad state of my hobby space and decided it was time for a literal and metaphoric fresh start.

Here is all of the junk that had found a home on my desk.

Let the Defraging begin!!

With that photo I feel like a lady posting a selfie without makeup on! - Don't judge me!

(No Colonel Ackland - you are just messy!)

Next up I lifted out the desktop board to assess how bowed it really was.

It wasn't great.


I carefully bent it straight again with some weights and gingerly waited for a loud crack! 
Luckily there was no snap.

At this point I went off mission! The back of my desk was hard to utilize because of the low top. There was not a lot of room there and it was hard to see what was hiding in the back.  So running with an idea I built a lower shelf at the back. I used some scrap wood which happened to be the same colour as my desk.

Here is a closer look.

Happy with my new addition I cut down my desktop board, nailed and glued it back in.
I didn't show it in the pictures but I added a few more cross supports too. A stack of WD's held it all flat while gluing.

Seeing that I was putting in the effort to clean up my desk I splurged all out and got myself a cutting mat! I've never had one - and OMG totally worth it!

(umm no Colonel, that's just wearing glasses) 

The lower shelf works really well. Now it is easy to see what is there, it is perfectly in my line of sight when sitting and there is more space. There is also a nice divide between my hobby/painting space and my equipment/supply space. Everything with a nice new home!

Here it is, all set up and running beautifully. Pity I had to go to work the rest of the weekend!

I'll make sure I get back into this blogging shindig. Writing this post makes me realise how much I miss it!

Tallyho gents!


  1. That lower shelf is a great idea, and really maximizes the utility of this desk.

    And as a parent, I also really appreciate the childlock!

    1. Yeah the childlock is a must. I thought the rolltop lid would be heavy enough to stop little hands but apparently not. My little man is really good with not touching Dad's toys but his little friends are the issue.

  2. And we missed you too.

    Now back to work before the commissar notices your lack of progress. We can only cover for you for so long!

    1. Ha! Thanks mate. The commissar would have me stung up if he knew what I've been up to! Somewhere over Xmas a grew a hard of orks :o

  3. Hummmm. Even little steps are still steps.

    1. Indeed! Although cleaning up is a big deal for me :D

  4. Well huzzah and hurrah, with highly polished brass knobs on!

    Good to see you again mate :)

  5. Wow, that's a nice fix to a horrible mess. :P Took a long while before my own (Now 11) little one would keep his hands to himself and not get into my models. One day I came home from work to find both my then 2-ish year old son and our then puppy happily pulling apart and chewing (Literally!) through my miniatures collection! The horror!

    Glad to hear you're back in the saddle sir - I expect interesting posts in the near future!

    1. Interesting posts inbound!
      Kids and pets chewing models! Gasp - nightmare material right there!!! Far out, I'm having kittens thinking about it.
      One of my mates painted up a beautiful knight titan. Then a few days after finishing it his preschool girls repainted it for him. A year later it still boats it's preschool paint job. It is both funny and horrifying at the same time.