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Friday, 18 December 2015

Easy Medusa Conversion

Here is another small project that happened between other things. I had two Earthshaker Platforms and I wanted one to be a Medusa Siege Gun. I had seen similar conversions on the net so I gave it a crack with some personal touches. I find it really useful seeing how other people attempt different conversions, so in that spirit here is a walk through of my conversion. 

 My Earthshaker gun (from a Basilisk kit).

I have the cool Forge World extended breech, which they no longer make.

My supplies: cardboard tube, strip of plastic, sides of a Valkyrie Multiple Rocket Pod, Warhammer Fantasy Mortar, pipe from Manufactorum building set. You don't 'need' all of these but this is what I have used.

Cut the Barrel.

Cut the cardboard tube. 
(I didn't cut my thumb on my hobby knife but gashed it at work on a staple of all things!) 

Two strips of plastic for detail.

Fits in place well.

Here I am measuring to see how much wider my shield opening needs to be.

Opening cut wider with a dremel.

Sitting in place.

Cut the end off the Manufactorum pipe.

Cut the Warhammer mortar. 

Put is all together! [tacked in place]

Next to my Earthshaker.

Green stuff the joins after gluing.

And done ready to paint.
Too easy mate!

Cheers all,
Tally ho.


  1. Great stuff as always. I've seen this before right?! This isn't some new gun platform I haven't yet had throw pie plates at the Orks is it?

  2. Cheers mate. Yep, this is the one you ran your Boys at in our last game. It underperformed but looked scary!

  3. Awesome! That turned out looking great - always loved the look of a static gun emplacement.

    1. Thanks Mord. I am always drawn to the biggest guns. :)

  4. Nice ! Well made made and a good idea.

  5. Gawds that must have been sphincter clenching cutting and grinding with such a pricey gun?

    Regardless, looks fab all done up like that. Not seen a conversion like this.

    1. Ha! It wasn't too bad but I had put a huge amount of thought into it before I started. I think I converted it in my head about 20 times before I started it.

      And yes they are bloody expensive!