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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Windmill from ‘The Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek’

White Dwarf 222, of June 1998, featured a battle report adaptation of the Battle of Rorke's Drift - best known from the film ‘Zulu!’ Naturally, this pitted a platoon of the then newly released Praetorian Imperial Guard against a group of savage Orks who came at the Imperial defenders in a number of waves. I always loved this battle report for the way it leant on an historical event without making it a straight out recreation in 40k. The exaggeration and satire blended with the Gorkamorka vogue captivated me and even now, 18 years later, I enjoy flicking through that battle report.
One weekend after a particularly stressful week and a long hobby dry patch, I yet again found myself flicking through good old WD 222. Suddenly with great impetus (and complete disregard for my long list of unfinished projects), I stormed off to my shed followed curiously by my little helper (now 2.5yo). After a long rummage we returned to dump a pile of bits onto one side of the dining room table and a bucket of Duplo onto the other. While the little man built Duplo, I set to work re-envisioning the windmill from Glazer’s Creek.

First, I knew I did not want it to be exactly the same as the Glazer’s Creek windmill but still capture the original feel. I wanted mine to be a little more ‘Imperial’ than ‘Orky’ but still very ‘scrap yard’.  I figured a good rusty paint job would help with that look. Additionally, I wanted it to look purposeful so I decided to make it look like a wind generator. As well as feeling more sci-fi, there would be opportunities to have missions around capturing or destroying it as it might be powering a settlement, las defence guns or something else of importance. It seems that prototypical wind generators have three blades so that would be an important element. I also wanted some platforms and a ladder but as for the rest I was winging it!
I started with the basic shape.
Added supports for the platforms.
Then started some cross beams.
Added RSJ's (I beams) to hold an outside platform.
Balsa wood platform sitting on some smaller RSJ's
1st floor beams.
Then boards on top (looking from the other angle)
I decided I wanted to add a lean-to shed but did not have enough space. The solution was to add another base from a place-mat.
From the left to right, the wind generator was built from a glue lid, blades from a model plane, a nose spay bottle and the lid off the bottle glued onto the end.There is a pin through the centre of the propeller so it spins freely.
I had to cut up two double bladed propellers to make a three bladed prop.
The frame for the shed.
Here you can see the first and second floor with a railing so people can get off the ladder.
Corrugated iron shed and fence made from balsa wood and corrugated cardboard.
The roof is removable. 
Making the tail fins. 
Riveting..... isn't!
In these next shots I have added a heap of details to the generator. I wanted to go overboard with it.
Added a small platform to the generator and some support beams.
And that is pretty much where I am up to at the moment. I still have rivets to add and I want 'things' on the platforms too. Stuff that could be equipment for the generator, control panels, machinery and that sort of thing. I have another side platform with a defence gun to add as well.

Lets see how it looks with dude's fighting on it... 

"They are by the shed"


Thanks for checking my progress out. I hope to get it finished ASAP, than add some barricades and maybe if I am lucky find some brutal Orks to fight off (looking at you Muppet)!

Tally ho lads!


  1. Finest battle report ever.

  2. Beautiful! I bought this WD from ebay just for this article. I love the step by steps, can't wait to see the end.

    1. Thank you Commissar. It keeps growing slowly. I am really really trying to finish it before I feel the itch to start something else!

  3. I've said it elsewhere. This is brilliant. That defence gun is new though!

    Also Waaaaagh! My Orks will happily smash your puny 'Uumies.

    1. Cheers Mr Muppet. As long as this helps make our table look good I’ll be happy.

  4. Fan-bloody-tastic mate. Breathtaking doesn't sum it up even.

  5. That's really high production values on that wind tower. Quite inspiring.

    1. Thanks Mr Z. All the styrene bits make the build much easier.

  6. Holy smokes - that is a phenomenal build mate! Brilliant work!

    1. Thank you so much. I always think too big with these projects but I am determined to finish this one before it gets shelved. Your 46 batch painting effort was inspirational feat!